The Honeypot Hawkshead

                      Hawkshead's best kept Sandwich secret!!



Handmade Sandwiches

on locally baked bread rolls –


White, Wholemeal or Granary


Home Cooked  Ham With The Honeypot Mustard Or Salad  


Roasted Top Side of Beef With the Honeypot Horseradish or Salad


Classic Tuna Mayonnaise with Salad


Local Red Cheddar Cheese With Onion or



Juicy Turkey Breast With Cranberry stuffing & Apple Sauce                        


Creamy Brie & Cranberry

From £2.99...


Pennigton's Tea and Coffee to go....    


Regular Coffee               £2.00

Cappuccino                    £2.00

Caffe Latte                   £2.00

Espresso                       £1.60

Double Espresso             £1.90

                Penningtonns Tea           £1.90

Earl Grey Tea                £1.90

Herbal Tea                   £1.60


We also serve


Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and marshmellows                                      



Hor Chcoclate with Baileys and chocolate flake




The "Works" with Baileys, whipped cream and a flake